Don’t Forget to Pack these Summer Travel Essentials

I am a serial list maker. The amount of pieces of paper and lists on my phone before are trip are annoying to my husband but without them I know I’d forget a lot of things needed for a trip.

Most of the time I overpack because it’s stressful for me to have to run around a city I don’t know looking for things that my family needs.

P&G knows packing can be stressful because you have to prepare for the unpredictable. To ensure your vacation starts off on the right foot, here is a list of their top summer travel tips and tricks.

Summer Travel Essentials - Packing Tips from P&G #PGMomPrepare in Advance

Dedicate time well before departure to plan your pack—yes plan.

Check the weather forecast, ensure flight times are accurate, check construction and closures and find alternative routes to make a realistic travel route to get you there on time. If flying, remember to double check what you can bring in your carry-on to avoid anything being thrown out.

Avoid the morning of mad dash to gather all necessary toiletries and invest in a travel set of essentials. Do you need a full size shampoo and conditioner for the family to share, or can you use the adorable mini travel-sized items, like the super cute and convenient mini Scope Outlast to maintain fresh breath on the go?

If you have essentials you just can’t duplicate, like an electronic toothbrush, add them to yourlast minute pack list.

Make a List, Check It Twice

If heading on a road trip, packing the family and your trip essentials can mean a tightly packed car.

Making a check list of what you really need will help eliminate those “nice to have” items that will overflow the car.

Involve the kids – throughout the week have the kids write down items they use in the day on a chalk or white board in a central location (i.e. kitchen fridge). At the end of the week, go through the list together and narrow it down to the must haves. You may be surprised by some of the things you use daily!

Pack Light

The lighter the better! We know packing with kids and pets it may be difficult to live by this mantra, however keeping things light and simple leaves room for souvenirs.

Downsize by bringing items that have more uses than one. Bring Pampers Sensitive wipes  – they work wonders for baby’s bottom and do double duty by wiping faces, clean off juice spills and other sticky messes.

Be sure to have Puffs Basic Tissues on hand to aid in the unexpected clean up! We made the mistake of forgetting tissues for a recent road trip and were wiping our noses with toilet paper and paper towels. Ouch!

Bounce Free & Sensitive Dryer Sheets are a great static solution on the go. Rub along your electric-charged clothing item to help remove pesky static!

When packing clothing, try rolling versus folding. It often helps keep things less-wrinkled and can save space in your suitcase.

And to keep everything smelling fresh, longer, spray the inside of your suit case with Febreze Fabric Refresher Extra Strength.

Car Essentials

It’s easy to get tempted by road side stops for fries and ice cream, which can add up and increase your budget.

Try bringing cut fruit, veggies and bags of trail mix to help curb everyone’s appetite! And don’t worry about the mess, Bounty DuraTowels White Paper Towels are perfect for spills and sticky fingers.

Bathroom pit stops can often be annoying if certain amenities are missing – don’t leave the house without bringing your own Charmin Basic so you’re always fresh and comfortable.

Keep your mouth feeling fresh too by bringing Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Manual Toothbrush and ORAL B Pro-Health Glide Floss so you can head back into the car feeling rejuvenated, ready for the next leg of the trip.

Long car rides can often result in smells you’d wish you left at home. With leftover snacks sitting around, get rid of the odours by using a Febreze Car Vent Clip Air Freshener to keep your vehicle fresh for hours and hours.

Safety First

Always remember to bring a first aid kit. No one wants to get sick on vacation so be prepared for everything that may get thrown your way. From cuts, bruises, to colds and allergies, be ready to tackle it all so the fun never stops!

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  1. Jesse says

    I make a new list every time I travel. It’s time consuming and I know I should just use a template!

  2. Melinda L. says

    A new one for every trip pretty much… but usually have the same few basic items…like phone charger and toiletries

  3. Darlene Schuller says

    I have a basic standard one for essentials.. then personal wise I pack according to our trip and any plans we’ve made

  4. Amy C says

    I usually create a new one each time because it depends where we are going. Camping needs different stuff then staying at a hotel.

  5. Brenda Penton says

    I usually just pack quickly without plans and then complain after about the stuff I forgot haha.

  6. J says

    There’s a core list of things, and we change the rest of the list depending on the climate and other elements of the destination.

  7. Ms Elaine Boychuk says

    I have a base list (e.g. toothpaste, medication, etc.) for every trip then develop a second list for clothes.

  8. melanie borhi says

    when I pack for vacation I generally take a lot of medication because I know that in foreign countries they don’t have some of the things medically that we have here in Canada I also pack sunscreen bug repellent I basically pack a pharmacy pack then pack muy clothing , sunglasses etc. I basically pack all of the most essential items and then go from there to pack my other stuff clothing wise!

  9. Elaine Buonsante says

    I picked up a travel check list notepad during my Christmas shopping at American Eagle, of all places. I keep it in our box of travel supplies like money belts, maps, etc.

  10. ivy pluchinsky says

    we have a basic one, but of course it all depends on where we are headed, and what kind of weather they are expecting

  11. Laura Richardson says

    I’m a serial over packer and list maker. Actually our very first vacation is coming up, so I’m googling lists to create my own. I need to make lists to keep my mind straight so I’d make one every time!

  12. roger simmons says

    We create a new packing list every time we go out since each going out requires a different set of needs

  13. Jennifer I says

    I usually use a new one every time unless it is something like camping where the list is fairly the same each time

  14. lori b says

    depending on where I am going will determine my list. but if it’s moms or in laws, it’s pretty much the same items

  15. krista gould says

    always a new one we travel to different destinations and have different needs as activities change

  16. Sandi Nielsen says

    I have a standard list. We moved away from all our family and go back at least once a year. I can pack in a half hour !

  17. Jim says

    Fresh every time. The city, the event, who is joining… since everything else is different, what I bring must also be.

  18. Wendy hutton says

    I really don’t use a list when I travel its not far maybe to my sisters house, an overnite bag usually does it

  19. Julie G. says

    I create a new one each time as it depends on where we are going & what we are doing when we get there.

  20. Jody D says

    We live over the road so it is pretty standard, but have to remember when going on vacation to gather up what we need from which home we need it from!

  21. Tricia Dickie says

    I always tend to over pack – and my husband sometimes complains. But he is very thankful that I did when it never fails – he needs a particular item and doesn’t need to go a buy it again!

  22. Lynda Cook says

    I would have to say it’s always different, and if I did have a keep list, I would end up losing it

  23. Erika E says

    I save a packing list a few years back and I use it as a general guide each trip. I add or delete things if needed depending on where I’m going.

  24. SweetPanda says

    I don’t actually put on a list. There’s a virtual list in my head and I just start packing a few days before and then add in stuff there each day until the departure day

  25. Virginia Buck says

    I have a standard packing list that I use but each trip is different so has different needs. Therefore I review the standard list and make additions as required for each trip.

  26. susan korman says

    I always make a NEW list because I forget where my OLD list is.
    When I am doing this, I make a note to myself to put this list away in a safe place.
    Where is my safe place…it has many cherished items!!!!
    Susan K.

  27. Jeanette Jackson says

    I pack the same things for our Caribbean vacations. I make a list each time but the items are the same things I pack each time.

  28. lori clark says

    new list every time. Sometimes I need things for certain places we are going or not. Also depends on how long we are staying

  29. Krista M says

    The childrens’ needs change all the time, so I keep a basic list for essentials, but update it yearly to reflect their growing changes & interests.

  30. Olga says

    I have a standard list that is added to based on where I am going and when. Working within that framework allows me to pack accordingly!

  31. Maegan Morin says

    I really should have a standard one but no I create a new one every time and i always forget something lol.

  32. Miriam Wilton says

    I have a different list depending on how long we are going for, who all is going and what the destination is lol

  33. Betty S says

    I have a standard packing list I use, but there are always variations, depending on where and how long we are traveling. Who we are traveling with often changes the list also

  34. Darlene W says

    Make a list and check it twice, our last trip to Cancun I forgot the sunscreen, the gift shop on the resort wanted $35 for a small bottle, We sat in the shade

  35. says

    Great tips! I’m a sucker for mini packs of ANYTHING! lol! I travel to Italy every year and with two kids it takes a LOT of planning and organizing for a trip that’s usually over 24 hours!!!

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